Tempur-Pedic Wayfinding


Strategy + design

Under direction from
Jackie Salway, Figure 8
Starlee Matz, Figure 8

When Tempur-Pedic refreshed their mattress lines in 2014, they needed clear, unified retail wayfinding which explained their mattress range to the public. The solution was a simple infographic system illustrating each bed’s firmness and amount of memory foam. These infographics were paired with color-coding to create innovative magnetic headboard signage, which can be easily rearranged to make store layouts highly flexible.

Other innovations included moving promotional messaging from paper triangles on top of the bed to interchangeable fabric triangles which can be seen when a corner of the footcover is flipped up (see images). This change removed the visual clutter from the top of the bed, creating a calmer, more inviting surface for customers to try out the new mattresses.