Icebreaker Retail Store Redesign


Art direction + design

Under direction from
Fred l’Ami, Icebreaker

In 2010, Icebreaker commissioned IDEO to examine its product and provide insight into how Icebreaker could engage customers more fully.
IDEO produced a strategic brief empasizing the value of touch and function as Icebreaker messages. Together with a six-person team I helped to realize IDEO’s brief through the conception, prototyping, and design of new instore artifacts.
One new artifact created was the Touch Gallery —an area just inside store entrance meant to entice customers to touch the product.

Another system of artifacts was created to connect customers with the New Zealand merino farms that grew the wool for their garments – this innovative tracking system, nicknamed “Baacode”, assigned a unique, traceable code to each piece of clothing.

These artifacts have radically improved the Icebreaker retail environment and have recently been installed in stores around the globe, including Icebreaker Touch_Labs in Auckland, Vancouver, and New York City.