Icebreaker Kids Campaign


Art direction + design

Under direction from
Fred l’Ami, Icebreaker

The brief for the 2010 Icebreaker Kids campaign was to create an energetic, colourful scene that featured kids having fun in their Icebreaker clothing. I created a dynamic, urban concept showing kids playing in front of a brightly painted city wall, with street art inspired by artists like Matt W. Moore, Maya Hayuk, and Banksy.

After the concept was sketched, garments and models were selected. Next, I sourced props, including an old window I found at a junk shop! After that, I art directed the children’s photoshoot and scouted the city for the perfect slightly-crumbling brick wall. A photographer was briefed to shoot the wall. When that was complete, I created a Photoshop comp of the wall with graphics applied and kids inserted into the composite image. The final image was used widely by the company across print media and digital campaigns.